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A lot of you reply to the daily emails with suggestions for posts, and I really appreciate that because it gives me post ideas, and I can write about stuff that is most relevant to you.

Normally, I take the gist of your suggestion; create a title of the post, and note it down on a virtual sticky note. But, the issue with this is that it is easy enough to miss an email, and sometimes the titles on the sticky notes don’t make any sense to me when I look at them later on.

So, I am creating a page here that is specifically for your suggestions for posts. You can leave a comment here suggesting an idea for a post, and if I know enough about the topic I will write about it.

That way we won’t lose track of anything you say, and if multiple people suggest the same topic for a post then I know that it should be written prior to moving on to other things.

Thanks for reading – and writing!

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  1. I am a certified and skilled research analyst. I can provide high accurate target based profitable signals and ideas to trade with the aim of getting high margins with minimum investment amount.

  2. I would want to know about ZestMoney cardless EMI. What are the benefits? I do not have a credit card so is this option good for me?

  3. Hi Shiv,
    Hope you are doing great.

    I am Vineeta Joshi , working as SEO Manager at Ziploan. Ziploan is an NBFC that provides collateral-free small business loans.

    While surfing the internet, I found your website be very interesting and informative. I would love to discuss an opportunity to create an article for you. My article would be custom made for your site and would be helpful for your readers.

    Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.
    I look forward to your reply,

    Best regards,

    Vineeta Joshi

    1. Hi Vineeta,
      Doing good, thanks and hope you too are doing great! 🙂
      You can send your article to me on my email id –
      As we are very conscious about the quality of our content, I hope your article would meet our readers’ expectations. Please feel free to ask/suggest anything you have in mind.

  4. Hello,

    Hope you are doing great.

    I am Aman Khanna; having 5 years of grand experience in Finance domain; currently working as an independent Financial Advisor. I love reading informative blogs like yours.

    Since you already publish guest posts from different authors in your niche, I thought it would be nice if I too have an opportunity to present your blog’s readers with something of real value. Over the recent past, I’ve contributed guest articles to several niche industry blogs. I understand the need for unique and well-researched content. And I’m also very passionate about any topic or subject that I write about.

    Looking forward for a positive response from your side.

    My Suggested topic is that ¨Budget 2018 – Tax and other benefits for senior citizens at a glance!¨

    Please let me know if you like this topic i will provide you unique content for this

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    Dear Sir,

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  6. Dear Sir,

    Can you provide data of shares buy back offer during yr 2016 & 2017 from Indian companies??

  7. Dear Shiv,
    After recent developments, what is your view and outlook for Banking and Financial sectors going forward? Both for PSU and Private Banking, and NBFC also.
    Appreciate if you could please kindly share your thoughts.


    Warm Regards,
    Niraj Parik

  8. Dear Shiv

    Is it worth to consider / plan transfer of Home loan from a NFC (HDFC Ltd) to a bank (SBI) where currently SBI is offering less interest rates (~8%). Can you pl provide some analysis in current situation and considering next 5 yrs .


  9. Hi,

    How about adding two *Investment* columns – India Stocks – for Long Term (1+ Yrs) and Very Long Term (3yrs++) that includes what & when to BUY *as well as EXIT/Sell followups?

  10. GOI Bonds 2018

    GOI 7.75%, 7-year bonds will be available from Jan 10, 2018. But they are NOT trade-able. Does that mean we can NOT sell them and stuck with them for 7 years? Looking forward to your analysis.
    Thank you.

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