Interesting Reads: March 27th 2009

One of the most amusing things I saw this week was this ode to Paul Krugman. Never in my dreams could I have thought an Economist (even if he won the Nobel) will ever have such a fan following. I am fairly sure there is an inverse relationship between the health of the global economy and number of “fans” all economists everywhere in the world have, but no one has done that research yet.

Just to be clear, I am posting this video because I find it entertaining, not because I think “Mr. Geithner is like some little weasel who uses Turbo Tax”.

On to the other interesting stuff around the blogosphere this week:

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6. Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps Explained by Moolanomy

7. Control Household Debt by 5 Smart Ideas by The Smarter Wallet

8. What the IMF Would Tell the United States, If It Could by BaselineScenario

9. Big Banks Pull Off The Ultimate Bait and Switch by Naked Capitalism

10. Lower Your Monthly Subscription Costs by Calling – PF Credit Cards

11. Who is Qualified to Give Advice by Bad Money Advice

12. Carnival of Financial Planning At The Skilled Investor

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