Shoe Throwing School for Journalists

A journalist hurled his shoe at the Indian Home Minister — Dr. P Chidambaram as a mark of protest yesterday. Not surprisingly, he missed.

Along with running ponzi schemes, show throwing is the “in thing” these days and everyone seems to be getting in the act.

It started with President Bush in Iraq and then next was the Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, when he was delivering a speech in Cambridge University.

Then in February this year, Israel’s ambassador to Sweden — Benny Dagan became the victim, while giving a speech at Stockholm University. He was the only one who actually got hit.

Reading the comments on the papers that reported these news stories, it seems that the general public is rather disappointed that most of these journalists miss their target. If the trend continues — very soon there will be a finishing school for journalists that teaches them to hurl shoes.

If that happens and the school goes for an IPO, I’d be really interested.

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