Upcoming Interview: Weakonomics

This site will feature its first ever interview tomorrow. It will be with Philip, the guy behind Weakonomics. I am a regular reader of Weakonomics and like it because it has got refreshing ideas and useful tips.

A little bit about him from his About page.

I am a twenty-something and work for one of the largest banks in the United States.  Yes you’ve heard of it.  I don’t say where I work, partially to hide any bias but mostly to keep from feeling the need to explain my company’s actions every time we’re in the news; which is often.  I’m not interested in promoting my bank over others, as I really don’t believe we’re the best. My time here is put to better use bashing my industry, as we really screwed some stuff up. 

Here is a list of some special features on the Weakonomist. 

My favorite post has got to be the one about the weakonomics currency.

I have been reading it regularly for the past few months now, please give it a try and subscribe to his feed.

The interview will be published tomorrow, so please come back for that.

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  1. Nice job priming the pump! Strangely enough, I’m also doing an interview with the Weakonomist which will be featured sometime in the next two weeks. Gotta love interviews! Looking forward to reading it!

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