Interesting Reads 1st August 2009

This week I read a lot of great stuff. The best post by far was this post about rescissions. It’s a very good read and if there is just one link you read from this collection, read this one.

Some more interesting stuff:


Cioffi: My investors? What investors? @ Matthew Goldstein

Statistical Arbitrage and the big retail ETF con-fusion @ FT Alphaville

Best Dividend Stocks in the world @ Dividend Guy

What the Horizon Realty Fail can teach you about social media @ Copyblogger

Best Online Stock Brokers For Cheap Stock Trades @ The Digerati Life

How to live debt free with no credit @ The Smarter Wallet

How to determine whether an alternative is good enough @ Money Ning

Is your car eligible for cash for clunkers program @ Cash Money Life


Carnival of Money Stories @ Green Panda Treehouse

Carnival of Debt Reduction @ Prime Time Money

Festival of Frugality @ Financial Highway

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