Interesting Reads 19th September

OneMint got a new logo this week and I don’t know whether email and feed subscribers visit the website very often or not, so if you haven’t seen the new logo yet, get to the site now, and let me know what you think.

Now on to some great posts I browsed through this week:


How to consolidate debt: Ways to reduce debt load @ The Smarter Wallet

Scotttrade Review: Top Brokerage for small investors @ The Digerati Life

Can the stock market save the economy? @ The Reformed Broker

Discover card brings back the 12 month balance transfer offer @ The Dough Roller

Early Retirement Forum @ My Wealth Builder

Historical investment returns  of asset classes over the last decade @ Investing Toolkit

Nostalgia @ The Simple Dollar

A house is a great way to save money – really! @ Vilkri

Avoid overdraft fees with a balance buffer @ Five Cent Nickel

Things to do before you redo your website @ Seth Godin

Why didn’t the major bank CEOs show up on Monday @ Baselinescenario

BRIC Master @ AFFINE Financial

Carnival of Twenty Something Finances

Photo credit: Jukka Vuokko

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