Interesting Reads November 21st 2009

I did a post on ICICI Home Finance Fixed Deposits this week, and it got a comment from a reader complaining about their service. This may come as a surprise to other readers, who probably don’t read comments on older posts, but this kind of thing is very regular here. There are plenty of comments about people who didn’t get refunds or don’t know the status of their investments.

To my surprise, the customer service team at ICICI Bank left a comment to the post, and said they were sorry about the trouble, and will work with the commenter. Unfortunately, when I emailed the commenter, it bounced, so I have no way of knowing whether they went back to the original post, and read the bank’s response. I hope they come back to the post, or find it in any other way.

That was the most interesting thing that happened here last week, and now on to some other interesting stuff from the blogosphere.


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One thought on “Interesting Reads November 21st 2009”

  1. Thanks for the link! Look forward to seeing you participate in the discussions!

    Are Indian folks afraid of the big uptick in year over year inflation in 1Q10 calendar year? I heard it’s going from 3% to 8%, which will lead to higher interest rates.

    But, at least ICICI will then pay depositors 10%++ again!

    HDFC bank is my favorite.

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