Interesting Reads 19th December 2009

Last week I received an interesting email about a survey that Allianz Life had conducted. They asked people the following question:

What 2009 movie best represents your financial outlook about 2010?

The top result was: Where the wild things are — at 35.5%. Allianz thinks that this represents people who are uncertain about how 2010 would be financially. There is nothing surprising there, 2008 was devastating for most people, most assets zoomed up like crazy in 2009, so we have faced quite a bit of volatility in a short period of time, and it is no surprise that most people can’t make up their  mind. I will easily fall under this category, although I wouldn’t have selected the movie because I had to go to Wiki to find out what it was about.

The rest of the results are pretty interesting too – at 29.2% – UP – is the next most popular movie, so more people are positive than negative.

Here is a little pie chart with the summary of the results:

Allianz Survey

What about you, are you upbeat for 2010, uncertain or plain negative about it?

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    1. Yeah I can totally understand that. I myself feel a lot more secure than I did in 2009, but that lurking feeling that all hell might break loose again is always there.

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