Airlines overbooking, big houses and options rights

Here is the first weekly links post for the year. Posting is going to get a bit irregular for about a month, as I will be taking a vacation for a month or so. Normally, there is a post every weekday, links post on Saturdays and carnivals every other Sunday.

I think there will be about 3 or so posts every week (instead of the usual five), not many links post, and the carnival will only return in February. A few fellow bloggers are helping me out with guest posts during this period, so there will be some diverse perspectives during this time.

If anyone else is interested in a guest post, please contact me.

With that said, here are the links for this week:

Why do airlines overbook flights @ Weakonomics

Want a big house? Tour this small one, change your mind @ The Digerati Life

Discover credit card review @ The Smarter Wallet

What to do when your credit card rates increase @ Ask Mr Credit Card

Obligations and rights of an options trader @ Options for Rookies

Layaway pros and cons @ Financial Highway

Three small caps @ Tip Blog

0% Interest credit cards, 12 months balance transfer @ The Digerati Life

The most important financial goals for 2010 @ Cash Money Life

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