India Vs South Africa Infographic

I’m always looking for new things to do, and am really excited about the first ever infographic that I created!

It took quite a while to develop, but was quite a fun exercise. I hope you like it, and all the best to India!

India SA Stats
India SA Stats

7 thoughts on “India Vs South Africa Infographic”

    1. Thanks Chirag – Yeah it sure took a lot of time. Especially because I made the ball and the bat myself!!! But, it’s a good start and I’m happy about it. Won’t take as much time next time.

  1. how has the stock market performed on the day or next day:
    1) When India won against Australia, South Africa and Pakistan?
    2) when tendulkar hit a century

    Funny, i know, but who knows…. more ads and more revenues, clashes and losses…

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