Market panics, decoupling and Neurogaming

It’s only appropriate to start this week’s links with the The Proper Etiquette for Market Panics at the Psy Fi blog. The post is about market panics, and how people behave in them in the face of uncertainty. They end up mimicking others who know even less, and that is one of the reasons of why chaos follows.

Sandip Sabharwal with more thoughts on decoupling – I linked to his earlier post about decoupling too, and this one is a good reminder of that idea, and one of the few things said about decoupling that makes any sense to me.

Business Standard reports that 540 tons of food-grains have been damaged this year – ridiculous, and sad.

Scott Adams writes about the engineer’s investment fund – the idea is that engineers who evaluate products of vendors have insights that other people don’t and this can be a good way to pick stocks. Like his other posts – this is a great thought experiment, and like all experiments you won’t know whether it will work or not until you actually carry out the experiment.

Hemant takes a look at the portfolio of the Indian president!

Here is a list of all the countries with AAA rating from The Big Picture.

Disney seems to have developed a technology called Surround Haptics that can make you feel sensations while you are playing a game or watching a movie. It sounds quite sophisticated and exciting when compared with what you have today.

Finally, this picture of a dog titled My sisters dog. In a couch. Looking british via @picturecool on Twitter.

Enjoy your weekend!

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