Facebook Puzzles for the week ending August 14 2011

Here are the puzzles shared on OneMint’s Facebook page for this week.

1. “You will be glad to know that two of your brothers are getting married in the same month,” my uncle told me.

“What’s more, if you sum the two digits of the date of your younger brother’s wedding – you will get the first digit of your older brother’s wedding date. From thereon, you just need to add all three digits to get the last digit of your older brother’s wedding date. They have at least 7 days between them, so you won’t miss either of them.”

What are the two wedding dates?

2. The names of three countries are hidden below. How many can you spot?

Though I’ve seen the ranger many times, I’ve never had the courage to ask him what was on my mind till now.
Finally, I pointed to a spot not 10 feet away and I asked him “Is that a lion’s den?” “Marks such as those are only made by bears, so you don’t have to worry” he told me.

Seeing the worried look on my face, he said “Don’t worry, they can adapt pretty well living close to humans.”

3. “Half the people here always tell the truth, and the other half always lie. Take these two for instance, I don’t know if they tell the truth, lie or one tells the truth and the other lies.”, I say.

That should be easy to figure out, I’ll just ask them!”, you say.

Which one of you tells the truth?
Viru: I do
Gautam: Me too.

Which one of you lies?

Viru: Not me.
Gautam: Me neither.

Do either of you ever tell a lie?

Viru: Yes
Gautam: No.

What can you tell me about them?

4. Puzzle:

I may be only half the size of Washington DC, but I have something they don’t.

Signed –
14 42 10 36 28 38 10 50

Who or what has signed this note, and what do they have that Washington doesn’t?

5. Which number comes next in this series?

2, 6, 3, 24, 5, 120, 7, 336, 11, 320

6. Which number is next in series?


The interesting thing about this week’s puzzles is that it is the first time that one question remains unanswered on the OneMint Facebook page – that’s number 4 in this post.

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