Win a Free One Year Perfios Subscription

This is the third give –away here at OneMint, and this time I’m going to partner with Perfios to give five one year subscriptions free to OneMint readers.

I’ve never used Perfios but I know that it’s a very popular software, and I asked them to send me some details about the product so I could share them here.

This is some information about the product that they sent.

Perfios (PERsonal FInance One Stop) is a one-stop portal that provides a complete view of an individual’s financial status at any point in time, from anywhere. []

The solution has the following key features:

  • You need only an email ID to create an account with Perfios for FREE.
  • Perfios does not ask for any personal information like name, phone number, address, PAN etc. None of these questions are ever asked.
  • Perfios consolidates ALL account types (banks/ credit cards/ Mutual Funds/ Equity/ Insurance/ Loan/ PPF/ Bonds /Post Office Instruments/ Real Estate/ Gold etc.) to give a 360 degree view of one’s portfolio
  • Statement Upload – One can upload all types of statements which he/she receives from the financial institutions on a regular basis, Perfios would automatically update the user’s account with just a click of a button.
  • Email Forward – One can even simply forward such statement emails to his/her Perfios account and the system would automatically populate the user’s account with the data!
  • All of this done with very little manual intervention
  • It not only aggregates information automatically, but also auto-categorize the transactions so that one can perform variety of analytics on the aggregated data
  • Perfios works with some of the best names in the Data Security business to ensure highest level of security – VeriSign, TrustGuard and Paladion
  • Perfios does not store any of your credentials (ID/ Password) at its server. It his encrypted and stored in the user machine only.
  • One website (single location) for you to access all financial data (across all institutions)
  • In addition to accessing all the information from your PC, you can also use your mobile phone (Perfios Mobile) to perform all actions with the application
  • Sophisticated Analytics provides deep insights into your finances providing opportunities for more savings and less spending
  • Automated Reminders and Alerts notify individuals of the important payment, maturity dates etc – you never miss a payment!
  • A comprehensive Reporting Framework enables you to generate various reports that can provide insights into your finances so that you can take quick corrective actions
  • Online Income Tax Filing – Perfios is now also integrated with Indian Income Tax Department to file online taxesfor individuals.
  • As a single stop portal, the solution also provides a Secure Document Storage so that you can store all relevant financial documents such as past years IT returns, copies of PAN card, Form 16, interest/dividend statements etc.
  • It is possible to manage the finances of one’s entire family using the solution and yet preserve the privacy of an individual’s accounts using the Shared Accounts feature. Using this feature, one can share on a selective basis the required accounts with other family members, one’s tax consultant, financial planner etc.

They have three plans that range from free to Rs. 1499, and in this give away 5 winners will get access to the plan that’s priced at Rs. 1499 for a year.

Enter the Contest

Now, how do you enter the contest?

The way to enter the contest is similar to the one I used last time, and there are two ways to do it.

How to enter this contest?

There are two ways of entering the contest:

1A) Like the Facebook page of OneMint, AND Perfios
1B) Subscribe to the daily email newsletter of OneMint AND sign up to the free edition of Perfios

2) Leave a comment on this post or OneMint’s Facebook page letting me know that you have done so.

Doing one of the above means that you have one entry, and if you do then you have two entries in the contest, so it makes sense to do both, and if you don’t see value in the newsletters or Facebook updates then you can always unsubscribe later.

If you are already signed up on the newsletter / free edition of Perfios or subscribed the two Facebook pages, then just leave a comment here letting me know and that’s enough.

I will close the contest at 5 PM IST on 5th October 2011. I will then create a list and select a lucky winner at random and declare the winners on 8th October 2011.

I will do a follow up post on this one next week while the contest is still open to share the list of entries collected till that time, and also act as a notice to people who may have missed this post.

All the best to everyone!

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