Section 80U Tax Deductions

Section 80U tax deductions are over and above other deductions and are meant for people who suffer from disabilities.

This section can only be utilized if you suffer from the disability yourself and is not applicable for parents, spouse or any other dependents.

They have two classes of disabilities – one where the person suffers from a disability and the other where a person suffers from severe disability.

You need proof from a medical practitioner to decide what kind of disability you suffer from, and a person from disability will get a deduction of up to Rs. 50,000 from his taxable income while a person who suffers from severe disability can get a deduction of Rs. 1,00,000.

TaxWorry has a list of what constitutes disability, and what constitutes severe disability on their site.

You will also find the forms that need to be downloaded on that link.

I can’t quite remember if they propose to have this deduction or any other form of it post the Direct Tax Code, so I’ll update that aspect once I know more about it.

This is fairly simple thing so I’ll stop here, and thank you Furqan for bringing this to my attention!

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  1. Hello,
    First of all let me commend you on doing such a Helpful job. Keep It Up.

    1> I have joined services last year and till now my income was not taxable, now if i want to claim deduction undder section 80U for self for assessing year 2013-14, Do I need to Show this deduction in this current year?
    2> I also want to know that, If someone has switched from a private job to a Govt. job, IS it MAndatory to show his previous Income while filing return Even if its in NON_TAxable bracket. I mean the savings he has made by far from them?

  2. i am in need of the proforma of application form for saving tax on capital gains by investing in t he capital gains saving bonds viz NHAI REC etc etc

  3. Thanks Manshu 🙂
    I am really glad to be able to add a little drop to your ocean of knowledge.
    I appreciate that you take efforts to read and acknowledge your readers’ comments.

    1. I’m glad that smart people like you read the blog, and contribute to it and in many cases I think the comments are much better than the posts – that’s a great thing, and I’m really happy that OneMint has been able to attract such a group of smart and sincere people.

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