NHAI Tax Free Bond Application Form Download Link

Shiv has just left a comment with a link to download the application form of the NHAI tax free bonds. He had created such a link to download the application form of IDFC and L&T infrastructure bonds as well, and we had to create new links because there were more than 500 downloads which was the limit set on the overall downloads!

I was a bit surprised by that because I didn’t realize that so many people are just looking for a place to download forms. I guess just a post to provide a download link serves as much (if not more) purpose than the original post reviewing the bond!

The application form is just over 1 MB, and here’s the link:

Application Form of NHAI Tax Free Bonds

Here is Shiv’s comment about the form:

Hi Manshu.. Like IDFC Infra Bond and L&T Infra Bond issues, please check another Web Link to download the NHAI Tax-Free Bond Application Forms online:

Application Form of NHAI Tax Free Bonds

Note: Just want to tell the investors that the photocopies of a form cannot be used to invest, as each form has a unique application no. To get multiple forms in order to invest in different names, just click multiple times.

In case any reader has any query regarding this link (E-Form), NHAI Tax-Free Bonds as such or wants to invest in NHAI Tax-Free Bonds, Call/SMS 9811797407 (Gurgaon, Delhi or Noida) or mail us at ojascap@gmail.com

Hemant has written a post specifically focusing on the NRI aspects of the NHAI bonds, which will be a useful read for NRIs interested in either this issue, or generally in tax free bonds.

27 thoughts on “NHAI Tax Free Bond Application Form Download Link”

  1. Hi Manshu… Thanks for your support in this matter and I apologize for stepping into your shoes and defending the purpose of these links on your website, which could have been best done by you only. I still think these links serve their purpose and that is why I’ve asked SBI Capital to keep creating links like these for me whenever such issues come. It enlarges our reach to serve people across the country and fulfil their need to download the application forms online. Readers/Investors are most welcome to ask any kind of query related to these issues and I would be glad to resolve them to the best of my abilities.

    Here is one more, the link to download PFC Tax-Free Bond application forms online:


    Note: Photocopies of a form cannot be used to invest, as each form has a unique application no. To get multiple forms in order to invest in different names, just click multiple times.

    In case any reader has any query regarding this link (E-Form), PFC Tax-Free Bonds as such or wants to invest in PFC Tax-Free Bonds, Call/SMS 9811797407 (Gurgaon, Delhi or Noida) or mail us at ojascap@gmail.com

  2. Thanks Manshu , I was wondering if I should have not done it.
    Post or comment..a chicken and egg situation..if there are no good posts then no good comments. We all are learning through such forums..and putting our brains together is a win-win situation.

  3. Hey guys,
    My intention was not to make a controversy. Shiv your comments are to the point , informative and helpful. And the download link of forms are always helpful. Shiv and Manshu I am sorry for inconvenience caused.

    As mentioned earlier, when I took form to nearest HDFC branch near my house in Bangalore they refused to accept it. All I wanted to do is make people aware that they might go through same situation. and hence tried to explain the codes on the form. As a customer I don’t care who gets or doesn’t get the commission(even icicidirect.com gets commission if we apply through them) but would worry about my convenience.

    1. There is absolutely no inconvenience and I welcome your comments – you have done a lot to further the discussion on each post that you have commented and I welcome that.

      For a lot of posts – the comments are better than the original post itself and that’s only because people speak their heart out.

      I appreciate all the discussion and criticism.

    2. Hi bemoneyaware… the way you posted your comment, the controversy was bound to happen. Readers/Investors take these things very seriously and people like Mr. Sanjay Jain take these as opportunities to make unethical comments. You posted a long comment quoting “AMFI definitions & guidelines”. You are the first person I’m hearing from that a collection centre refused to accept an application form with some other sub-broker’s code.

      To me there were many surprises in what you quoted. Firstly, the issue opened on December 28th and you approached the bank to deposit the downloaded form even before that. To a greater surprise, HDFC Bank refused to accept your application not just because the issue was not open but because the form did not have their sub-broker code. They even gave you “a lecture on submitting form through whom I had got for it affects their commission” and suggested you to use whitener. This all is very strange to me. You know, if this branch of HDFC Bank is a designated Collection Centre and they refuse to accept this form because there is someone else’s sub-broker code on it, the investor/sub-broker has a very strong case against them. They just cannot do so. It is against SEBI regulations.

      Secondly, Mr. Sanjay Jain, at one hand , is asking Manshu not to post a link like this one and at the same time, giving a link here which is again of a sub-broker. When asked about the company he works for, he just vanished from the picture. Without reading the full post (specifically the ‘Note’ or ‘photocopies’ part), he tells us that the forms can be ‘Rejected’. Moreover, he is telling us “Commission must be earned by an agent for advice and services provided”. Mr. Sanjay, please dont tell us what is the right way to go about it. I am a Certified Financial Planner and follow the ethics of this profession very diligently. I’ve never advised a wrong product or given an inferior service to any of my clients. The investment services industry is plagued by an army of commission-based agents and it is very difficult to find independent unbiased financial advisors. Please let us survive. Please help readers here and Manshu would be very glad to create a post with your links also.

      1. Shiv I will be careful in future. Just to clarify points raised:
        a) Yes I went a day ahead as was fearing that issue would be over subscribed and was going out of station so approached them and they agreed to take it as I am their regular customer and they know me .
        b) I am not sure about the collection centre part, whether it is a collection centre or not. Infact I didn’t even check that . Usually I download form (if not available online) and submit it to the bank who do the needful.
        c) I posted the codes such as INVESTOR and REBATE etc not only broker or sub broker code for awareness purpose and nothing more.

        As you rightly pointed out The investment services industry is plagued by an army of commission-based agents and it is very difficult to find independent unbiased financial advisors
        I again apologize and would be careful in future.

        1. HDFC Bank guys gave you a ‘lecture’ even when “you are a regular customer of the bank and they know you very well”. Had I been in your place, I would have taken a serious step against these guys.

          I’m yet to find a link to download application forms without a sub-broker code. Even NHAI website does not have it.

          Mr. bemoneyaware, I accept your apologies in a true spirit as I want to put this controversy to a rest now. Please be careful about your comments like these as it can create big controversies like this and make readers/investors skeptical about things.

            1. Hey, its ok man !!.. Please dont be so careful that you just stop commenting here. We want some healthy discussions here.. 🙂

  4. It appears a tough task and rather time consuming as compared to applying online through ICICIdirect! It took me less than a minute to apply after i learnt from onemint that icicidirect is providing this online facility. should onemint not advise all to have some online account such as icicidirect to avoid unnecessary hazels?

    1. But that account is not free – and far too many people don’t have an ICICI Direct account. Would you advise anyone to open an ICICI Direct account to subscribe to these bonds?

      Then when another issue comes that’s not available online in ICICI Direct but available online in something else would you advise them to open that account also?

      Far too many people don’t have a Demat account let alone an online account and don’t want to get one either for whatever reasons. In fact some people want to know how to short bonds instead of subscribing to them. There is no one size fits all answer.

      I can’t say with certainty that an online account is best for everyone and everyone should get one. If you have that already then you should obviously try that first which is what is mentioned in my first post.

  5. Well, the point highlighted by bemoneyaware is well taken that codes on these forms mean money for the agent. As someone has taken the trouble to upload the forms for easy access, they are entitled to credit for the same. Whoever has read these posts have become wiser after the same. It is upto them to avail of the facility. Regarding the propriety of the same, Manshu should step in and put this controversy to rest….. Relax folks…..

    1. Vijay

      To Sanjay Jain’s point – If I just upload someone’s form here and they get a commission just for that then that would be wrong.

      For Shiv – that is simply not the case. I did a quick search and found that he has posted 144 comments on OneMint already.

      In many of these cases he has corrected my errors and answered my questions. I think the community has greatly benefited from his participation. In my experience managing comments from agents is one of the worst things to do in running this kind of blog. They blatantly spread misinformation or spam the comment section. There is just a very tiny number that is actually interested in answering questions honestly, and that’s also the reason why the directory of financial providers is so small here.

      I would like to encourage Shiv and others to participate positively in the community by doing whatever little I can and that’s my rationale for letting him upload the form.

      1. Thanks for the clarification Manshu ! You should have been our External Affairs Minister – You would have given a new meaning to the word ‘Diplomacy’ !!! 🙂

        1. If I argued with everyone who wanted to argue with me – I’ll lose my mind pretty soon. For today’s post – someone emailed me saying this is wrong because you have taken too many conditions, should have just taken one condition. Another person said this is wrong because you have not taken the condition where there are capital gains. A third emailed saying this is cheating because NRI money is tax free which I don’t understand what that means but I’m cheating him of his NRI money somehow.

          So, for one article – too complex, not complex enough and downright cheating 🙂

  6. Dear Manshu Ji, I agree with bemoneyaware points on codes mentioned on these forms or infrastructure bond forms. Commission must be earned by an agent for advice and services provided but just sharing forms here allow agents to earn 1% in tax free bonds or 2% in infrastructure bonds. It gives a wrong message to your readers.

    1. It is hilarious. The link which you just shared here also belongs to a broker. Isn’t it ?? Mr. Sanjay Jain can you please share which company you work for?

      I’ve been posting my comments here for more than a year now. You can ask any of the readers/investors about the kind of advice and services they’ve received. What message our advice/services/these links provide here, OneMint readers can explain you very well.

  7. Found link Definitions & Guidlines for Interpreting them
    Quoting from it:

    For the purpose of interpretation, the following definitions and explanations shall apply:

    ARN: means AMFI Registration Number allotted by AMFI.

    ARMFA: means an intermediary who is registered with AMFI and stands for AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Advisors.

    BROKERAGE: Shall include all amounts paid to an intermediary for selling the product of the mutual fund and shall include commissions on sale of mutual funds, incentives, consulting fees, contest awards that have monetary value, gifts, lump sum payments.

    INTERMEDIARY: shall mean all persons or entities involved in selling and distribution of mutual fund products including inter alia brokers, sub-brokers, sole proprietor firms, consultants, financial advisors, channel partners partnership firms, companies or called by any other name, but shall not include collection centers, where there is no element of advise, and it is only a counter for making forms available and collecting completed applications. While such collection centers need not obtain ARN, they would have to abide by the code of conduct, to the extent applicable and specifically with regard to the clause on rebating.

    INVESTOR: Any person or entity holding units under any scheme(s) of a mutual fund.

    PRINCIPAL INTERMEDIARY: any Intermediary (whether individual or non-individual), who pays such brokerage or consideration to a sub-broker as defined below, shall be called the principal intermediary for the purposes of these guidelines, and with reference to the sub-broker(s).

    REBATE: Any amount paid by a mutual fund or an Intermediary to an Investor, on account of any investment made by the investor in a mutual fund. Such payments shall include payments made in the nature of Brokerage as defined above.

    SUB-BROKER: shall mean all persons or entities, selling mutual fund units, but obtaining brokerage or other consideration through a Principal Intermediary All provisions of this Guidelines shall apply mutatis mutandis to such an Intermediary, except where otherwise stated.

  8. I downloaded the form and noticed that Broker agent’s and sub broker agent’s code is already added to the pdf. Question is How does that matter?
    It matters because through these codes the agents get their commission. If one downloads the form that one might have to submit it through the agent whose code is mentioned in the form or whiten it and then give it to your own agent who would enter his code and do the needful.

    1. Hi bemoneyaware.. use of whitener is strictly not allowed in these forms. Forms with whitener on it (at any place on the form) are liable to be rejected. Investors, who are served by the agents for filling & depositing these forms, get these forms from the agents themselves. There are a large no. of investors who are not served by the agents or probably they dont want agents’ services at all. They want a place to download these forms online and we are providing them this link here on OneMint, along with completely unbiased & honest advice.

        1. Hi Mr. Sanjay.. probably you did not read the full post above. It has been clearly mentioned that “the photocopies of a form cannot be used, as each form has a unique application no. To get multiple forms in order to invest in different names, just click multiple times.”

          Please try once & you’ll get to know yourself. We anticipated your concern in advance and have made the readers/investors aware of that.

      1. I apologize Shiv I was not pointing fingers, as a consumer it does not matter who gets the commission if I get my work done. I had downloaded the form, after filling it taken to the HDFC bank branch near my house . They refused to accept the form saying that it does not have their broker or subbroker code and gave me a lecture on submitting form through whom I had got for it affects their commission.
        They suggested I can use a whitener. Thanks for clarification.

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