Reader insights on financial planning for a baby

There were some great comments on yesterday’s post on financial planning for your baby, and the one that Indian Thoughts left had a lot of insights and since these are costs she has incurred recently, they’re very close to what you can expect in a similar situation.

There were plenty of things to learn from her comment, but the thing that struck me most was that a lot of these things don’t sink in or we don’t plan for them because it just doesn’t feel all that important or that big a deal.

I experienced that primarily because a lot of the things she wrote were things that I had read in articles earlier, but frankly, they didn’t quite feel that important until I read it in her comment, and realized that there is a reason why people keep mentioning these things again and again – because they are real!

For example – IT talks about eating healthier which costs more, and this is something I had read earlier, but it didn’t sink in as to how big of a difference that would make. Same thing with baby vaccinations, and the advice about controlling your urge to buy any and everything when it comes to your baby. I read these things several times earlier, but they never really sunk in.

It was a great comment, and she edited it slightly and posted it as a blog post on her own blog – I would highly recommend that you read it even if you’re not expecting a baby in the immediate future, it might just be something that lingers in your mind and helps you a few years down the road.

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