Psychopath CEOs, 3D Holograms and End of Drachma

Truly horrible IIP numbers were released yesterday and Financial Express has a short column on how things have soured since last year, and without much needed policy reforms even 7% GDP growth will be difficult this year.

Sandip Sabharwal laments the multiple whammies that the market has had to take and says that the actions of government and regulators are clearly testing the patience of most investors today.

The delightful Psy-Fi blog asks if your CEO is a psychopath?

Meanwhile, the state of Nevada gives a license to Google’s self driving car, which sailed through the driving test.

In Star Trek fashion, you can now beam your 3D holographic images to someone and have a conversation with them as if you were really present there, well almost.

Greece’s woes are hitting center stage again, and Reuters examines the preparation that Greek banks are doing if they have to give up the Euro and get back to the Drachma.

Finally, NYT Magazine does a fascinating profile on Joe Weisenthal who is a financial blogger for Business Insider, and not only is this a great profile, it is a very instructive article for people who consume financial news. It gives you an opportunity to look at the perspective of someone writing the news, their motivations and goals, and that helps look at something that you don’t normally think about.

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Psychopath CEOs, 3D Holograms and End of Drachma”

  1. The 3-D hologramming technique became very famous during the 2008 US election coverage when CNN anchors like Wolf Blitzer etc were “beamed” into CNN studios. I remember reading some stuff that CNN was doing some other “special-effects” and it is not a 3-D image. But it was pretty neat.

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