Bolt goes to Marwari Business School after making money mistakes

The best thing I read this week was The Seven Subjects I learnt at Marwari Business School (MBS) by Alok ‘Rodinhood’ Kejriwal. This is a great post from the entrepreneur who shares things that he has learned during his career, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has ever thought of starting their own business.

Shabbir Bhimani writes a very detailed and thorough post about how you could go about deciding whether you should rent or buy a house.

Bemoneyaware writes about some money mistakes young people make, and how to quantify those. The big lesson here is to start saving early.

Forbes tells us how Usain Bolt earns $20 million a year, a figure that will likely go much higher after yesterday’s result.

It seems that Sun Yang’s two golds cost the Chinese $1.57 million in his training for the last two years, and there is a small debate in China if this is the best way to spend their resources. I’m fairly certain India won’t mind spending this much money if it guaranteed just one gold.

Amazed to learn that Google’s self driving car has driven 300,000 miles without an accident! I think the day is not far when you could 3D print your car that runs on water, and drives itself.

Speaking of 3D printing, a Tokyo clinic allows you to get a resin cast 3D model of your live fetus. I’m sure some people find it cool, but I find it a bit creepy.

Finally, my apologies for not answering any comments this week, I’m here, just a bit low on energy.

Enjoy your weekend!

6 thoughts on “Bolt goes to Marwari Business School after making money mistakes”

  1. Hi Manshu,
    Thanks for sharing info on The article was interesting and the website is also very useful for people who want to start up their own ventures. Though Ive not explored the site fully, it provides a nice platform for people to get connected online and learn about start-ups, business ideas and related topics.

  2. $ 20 million a year is peanuts when compared to other athletes, If he were in US / UK he would have easily got $ 50 million. He is not even in the top 50 earning athletes.
    But i am glad he is a legend………….
    Shame he won’t been around for next Olympics but The Beast (Blake) will rule.

  3. Loved the Marwari article! Thanks
    That kind of money for a gold, no way! Wrong priorities! Its all nice to be good at Sports but money needs to go more for improving daily conditions of the people living below poverty line.

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