Reason for Difference in Moneycontrol Mutual Fund Numbers

I wrote about how the mutual fund return numbers from Moneycontrol were a bit different from those of Value Research and Morningstar yesterday, and that I wasn’t sure why that’s the case.

Invest Mutual who had helped with the post yesterday, researched some more and found that it was just because of different dates. He looked at the 1 year returns and found that and then I fiddled a little bit with moving a day back or a day forward and found that the difference of a day or two has caused this variance between the two sites.

Here is the table that shows the data.

Moneycontrol ValueResearch
1 year October 25 2011 October 28 2011
Historic NAV 12.8103 13.0741
Latest NAV 10/26/2012 15.6493 15.6493
Gain 22.16% 19.70%
3 year October 27 2011 (Tuesday) October 26 2011(Monday)
Historic NAV 11.4648 11.8601
Latest NAV 10/26/2012 (Friday) 15.6493 15.6493
Absolute Gain 36.50% 31.95%
Annualized 10.93% 9.68%
5 year October 25 2007 (Monday) October 26 2007 (Friday)
Historic NAV 13.893 13.7028
Latest NAV 10/26/2012 (Friday) 15.6493 15.6493
Absolute Gain 12.64% 14.21%
Annualized 2.41% 2.69%

Once again, thanks a lot to Invest Mutual for their help, this is not the first time, and I certainly recommend that you follow him on Twitter.

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