Weekend links March 8 2013

In a little bit of hurry, so will keep this short.

Regulator gives NPS funds managers quiet nod to invest directly in stocks: LiveMint has an important story on how changes are being made to the NPS structure correctly. I’ll have a full post on this sometime in the coming week.

China’s growth: a bountiful half decade: We all know how much China has grown in the past few decades, but even then, reading it in bullet points really wowed me.

Is India experiencing incipient capital flight?: Prof. Jayanth Varma writes about how India could face a big capital flight if the next election brings in political uncertainty.

Bihar tops in per capita income growth; Gujarat at 11: LiveMint reports on state’s progress in the last year.

The Pros Who Called the ’09 Bottom: WSJ has a brief article on who got the 2009 bottom call correct.

Shyamendra Solanki (whose translation of ‘If’ I had shared earlier) has written a poem in Hindi about corruption, and I enjoyed reading it. You can see it here.

Finally, did you know that Mars had the same 4 seasons as Earth? 

Enjoy your weekend!

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