Ides of March Links

Let’s start with this wonderful post about why your financial plan should not be just about money. I think a lot of people intuitively understand this but you don’t often see this written in black and white.

The story of the Malaysian missing jet has been fascinating, sad and incredible, and this article from the NYT tells you about the latest situation.


I really liked the insight from VC Fred Wilson on this question  – Are we in a bubble?

Harvard Business Review has a good post titled why work is lonely. It deals with how at a certain level you mostly get people agreeing with you, and can’t get objective disagreements that will help you take balanced decisions, and what you can do about it.

I’ve discussed decoupling a few times here, and more evidence that decoupling happened, but not in the way it was expected.

I discovered this unusual app recently whose sole purpose is to provide coffee shop noises in the background while you work. Apparently, there is some research that shows this type of noise is good to stimulate creativity. I’ve used it for a few hours, and right now I can say for sure that it isn’t hurting my concentration or creativity, but I don’t know if it has actually helped any.

Finally, a great article pondering the origin of the universe, and if in fact, ours is the only universe.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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