Shoelaces revamp Nano to drink an IPA

Let’s start this week with The Economist which wishes Mr. Modi well, and highlights what can go wrong, and also what he needs to do to get things right.

Next, an interesting article from Al Jazeera which talks about what a Modi win means for Nepal. I don’t think I’ve heard that angle being discussed anywhere else yet.

This is a great, longish essay that I read this week about what happens to Asian American super achievers in the US. It’s a lengthy read but a lot of it will resonate with Indians living in the US as well, and is well worth the time spent.

A good piece on Sandeep Sabharwal who built a Rs. 1,100 crore commodity business.

Another good piece on the revamped Nano. 

I’m not sure if IPAs (India Pale Ales) are as popular in India as they are elsewhere, but I certainly enjoy one every now and then and here’s a good piece on them. 

Finally, do you know why shoelaces untie themselves while headphones get themselves into knots?


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