Dogs of war find meaning in a meaningless world

Let’s start this week with an excellent post by John Elliott on how the last elections should have been the end of Rahul Gandhi’s political career but they probably won’t. This is a great post because of the details it gets into about what Rahul Gandhi has been up to in the last few years, and also the rationale behind recent choices by the Congress party.

The Indian Express on the need to fix the energy policy in order to fuel growth. 

Politico magazine on how big money influences and to a large extent determines election results in the US. 

I was fascinated to discover how Google calculates traffic for Google Maps.

 Leo Tolstoy on finding meaning in a meaningless world. 

Very touching story about a whale who tried to communicate with humans.

Finally, a great way to end this post is through this article that shows shows pictures of 40 dogs of war working in Afghanistan. 

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