Weekend Links 25th July

Weekend links is late by a day because the links post I started out with yesterday got rather depressing because of what has been going on around the world, and I decided people have probably had enough of that, and looked for some other links to share. In that sense, this is probably the first time where the links post contains articles that I haven’t necessarily read during the last week.

Anyway, first up, Japan’s floating trains sound like a fascinating concept.

A good article on Buffett’s Achilles’ heel. 

Next generation electric cars may not need a battery swap. 

Dr. Bibek Debroy on how correlation can sometimes be causation.

Who doesn’t like Maggi, right? 15 different ways to make Maggi.

NY Times has a great article that shows how much it matters when you started investing. I will have a full post on this later.

Finally, 35 great images this week. Some of these will stop you in your tracks. Have a good Sunday.

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