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A lot of you reply to the daily emails with suggestions for posts, and I really appreciate that because it gives me post ideas, and I can write about stuff that is most relevant to you.

Normally, I take the gist of your suggestion; create a title of the post, and note it down on a virtual sticky note. But, the issue with this is that it is easy enough to miss an email, and sometimes the titles on the sticky notes don’t make any sense to me when I look at them later on.

So, I am creating a page here that is specifically for your suggestions for posts. You can leave a comment here suggesting an idea for a post, and if I know enough about the topic I will write about it.

That way we won’t lose track of anything you say, and if multiple people suggest the same topic for a post then I know that it should be written prior to moving on to other things.

Thanks for reading – and writing!

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  1. Hi Manshu,

    What do you think of the new DSP Blackrock World Agriculture Fund ? I mean what is your opinion on the theme ?
    The underlying fund has done reasonably in the short duration it has been there ( 1.5 years ).

    I am feeling interested in the Agriculture idea ( as high-risk high-return gamble) but also feel the timing may not be right because of the depreciated rupee. If rupee stabilizes at around 45-46, then I may go for it.
    Your thoughts?

    1. This is a fund of fund right? I’m generally wary of those because of the high expenses, and then the currency risk as you mention. Let me look at this a little deeper over the weekend and write something up next week.

      Thanks for bringing it up – it’s a great topic.

      1. Yes, it is a FoF. Also the underlying fund is an Actively managed fund. So expenses overall would be high.

        But it could still be a good investment into a sector which Indian investors are not exposed to at all.

  2. Iam a regular to this site and found interesting information on NCDs, ETFs. However I have a query from my cousin which is bit intriguing. He quit job last year, over some health issues and since recovering. His expenses are just met with earnings by way of FD interests etc…

    He has savings which he want to invest to meet his family expenses / saving if any. Since he is just around 40, Iam in dialemna of what product would suit his long term hiatus from job.
    I wanted to suggest MFs but experienced their fall along with Equities in past 1 year. My investment in ‘SBI magnum’ drowned. Iam in fix of what to suggest him.

    Would you suggest any better investment idea for this case.

    1. Sorry to hear about your cousin.

      I think you are on the right track with going for only super safe investments like bank FD. The only other thing I can think of is FMPs which are a bit more tax effective if at all tax planning is a consideration. I’d stay away from equities because those are volatile and can cause loss which will be hard to recover from in his case.

  3. Hi Manshu

    There is a news that “Country’s largest fund house HDFC Mutual Fund launched HDFC Gold Fund”

    A Gold ETF NFO was launched by HDFC Mutual Fund recently. Will you please be kind enough to review this NFO. Is it linked in any way to the Gold ETF that is already managed by



    1. Hi Umesh,

      Thanks for letting me know about that – I’ll review it this week for sure – yes it is linked to them, they will collect funds from their MF and invest in their ETF 🙂

  4. Hai manshu,
    Could you please tell me, as to how you create your website. I mean what tools, language or web script (i am not that much tech savvy so i dunno what should be the exact thing) you use to host your website. Like mysql, php, html etc., ?

  5. Hi Manshu..

    I was wondering you have written any post on downgrades by rating agencies such as moody’s downgrade of SBI recently and how it could impact the company and what should investor do about it?

    1. No I haven’t and I don’t think it will have any impact on how SBI operates. I think regular folks like us are better off by looking at credit ratings as far as smaller companies are concerned but for bigger concerns like SBI or even countries – I don’t think the rating agencies have any info on top of what the market already knows.

  6. Sir,
    From your post “Why can’t a country print money and get rich?” I could understand that putting more money in the hands of citizens/consumers will eventually soar up the price of commodities/services. But, my question is, why cant a country, not a part of common currency union such as EU, print money and settle its external debt? Also, the debt has to be paid sooner or later so why not by printing more money in lump sum or installments.

    1. Foreign or external debt is usually held in a foreign currency like in India’s case 52% of the external debt is held in USD, and India can’t print the USD of course.

      So, the other course of action is for India to print INR and use that to buy USD in the Forex markets but that won’t work because when you have a lot of supply of INR relative to USD – your currency will depreciate significantly, and you will have to pay that much more for your imports – like oil and capital goods. So, you can’t really print money without having these implications.

  7. Hi,
    I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to your views on LIQUIDBEES.
    As a small investor, how well is this product to park funds instead of a bank savings account.

    This is my plan: Every month as soon as I get my salary, I will move most of it into the LIQUIDBEES. Then during the entire month, I will sell units as and when required for expenses and investment purpose. Over a large period of time, fractional dividend units will keep accumulating which I will redeem after an year or so. I’m assuming that my broker does not charge brokerage for buy sell of LIQUIDBEES.

    Is this a good plan? Will it actually make me some more money in the long run?

    1. Yes your broker will charge you commission for buying and selling units as they are treated just like shares, and that will put a big dampener on your returns. My initial thought is that it won’t work out better than just having letting your expenses lay in the savings and investing the other part. It’s just too many commissions, and I see that Liquid BEES returned a 5% annualized return in the last 3 years, so it’s not all that high when compared to a savings account anyway.

      I’m not all that positive about the plan – I can do an entire post if you think otherwise, and let’s hear your ideas out here.

  8. Hi Manshu,
    1.I read your post on NSEL & E-Gold / Silver. As my city is not listed in the addresses of the Depository Participants, how can i go about investing in the same?
    2.A topic suggestion: ICICI Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan.
    3.How about a list of websites & magazines with your views on their strengths for regular reading?

    1. Hi Vijay,

      1. I really don’t know about it – maybe someone like Religare has a mechanism to mail them the documents and they open the account for you or something, but I really don’t know about this.

      2. I have not heard of this project but will look it up now, and write about it in the future.

      3. There aren’t any special things really – I read the Business Standard, Financial Express, NYT, WSJ, Bloomberg as far as daily news is concerned, and then although I haven’t been able to read them for a long time – I used to like Business India, Business Today and Business World. Fortune India is also a good magazine and has a good online version. Blogs – I have more than 50 on my Google Reader and I hardly get to catch up on all of them but keep an eye on the headlines at least and read the stories that I find interesting.

  9. Hi,
    You have become the financial magazine of sorts for me to keep myself upto date 🙂 Great job! Keep doing good!
    I have 2 questions, not topics probably.
    1) I like to repay my home loan by accumulating some money over the next 7 years. For this, I plan to to an RD for the next sa7 7 years @9% p.a. or so and then use that lumpsum to either pay or part-pay the loan. Is there a way to save on the tax on the interest for the money that is accumulated? I dont want to end up paying tax for something that I am saving to re-pay a loan. Is there any provision to help here? Does any bank where I take the home loan provide the possibility of protecting this, if I do the FD/RD with them?

    2) If there is a good magazine that you could suggest (online reading also) for financial news/views, what would you suggest?

    Best Wishes,

    1. Thank you so much Seshu – that’s a wonderful compliment.

      For 1 – no I’m not aware of a way to do this. Interest income is interest income and regardless of what you plan to do with it.

      For 2 – there are several – Business India, Business Today, Business Line, Economist, and Forbes India being the ones that immediately come to mind.

  10. Sir,

    I am Rajeshwari actually i want to invest in Gold fund in SBI Bank somewhere i am not getting a clear knowledge in Gold fund and also Shares, Mutual Funds. How the common man can know these things? Can you explain me clearly. The basic things that if i invest Gold fund how i will get the returns, what all the things will be there? What all the things must and should i want to know? what is that unit price? How they calculate the returns? What are the procedures? Can you briefly explain me? Please.


    1. I’m afraid there are just too many questions here and it’s not really possible to write a post addressing them all. You can subscribe to the site and go through the articles that publish every day and I think that will help you understand some of this but as far as writing one post that will explain everything I don’t think I can do that.

  11. Hi,
    1.Can a charitable trust made as the nominee in Mutual funds? If yes what are the documents that needs to be submitted. I asked a few AMC’s they are not aware…

    2.Where can i get the historical P/E Values of all sectors of Indian Market? What are the average P/E values of all sectors in India? Is it an important factor for deciding the stocks??

  12. ICICI plan to increase their brokerage charges for delivery and Margin products from next month. I just Google to find out the current brokerage charges from various DP, but I was not able to get the comparative charges in one site. Do you have any information in this regard. what will be your choice for best trading platform available currently in term of
    1) Service
    2) Charges


    1. I’m afraid I don’t have this information and don’t plan to do a post on this any time in the future. I started out doing this a year ago but found that the info is not easily accessible and even when it is – it’s not directly comparable. Plus there is no way to compare the service levels (as far as I know).

    1. Not to me it doesn’t – investments should be diversified and goal oriented, and paying premiums on insurance is not a good enough goal to drive your investments.

  13. Recently I deposited a Gift cheque of American Express Bank $10 in ICICI bank.I have got Rs 135.I understand that the approximate value of $10 is Rs 450/-.Thus the Bank has charged Rs
    315 as commission.This amounts to 70%.Kindly let me know the proper way to encash gift cheques in doller.

  14. I have read some of your post which is very helpful understanding the basic of market. Can you also post some thing on Technical analysis of stock .

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