Gold Mutual Funds – Expense Ratios and Minimum Investments

Gold is a popular hedge against stock market and dollar declines and there are several ways in which you can invest in gold.

A popular way of investing in gold is through gold ETFs and gold mutual funds. Even if you don’t believe the dollar is going to decline or need a hedge against the stock markets, you may still be interested in gold, and this gold mutual fund list can prove useful.

Here is a compilation of a few leading Gold Mutual Funds and Gold ETFs along with their:

  • Expense Ratio
  • Front Load (In case of Mutual Funds)
  • Minimum Investment (In case of Mutual Funds)
S. No.NameTickerExpense RatioFront LoadMin InvestmentCategory
2iShares COMEX Gold TrustIAU0.4%NANAETF
3Market Vectors TR Gold MinersGDX0.55%NANAETF
4Vanguard Precious Metals and MiningVGPMX0.28%None10000Gold Mutual Fund
5US Global Investors World Prec MineralsUNWPX0.97%None5000Gold Mutual Fund
6U.S. Gbl Inv Gold and Precious MetalsUSERX1.27%None5000Gold Mutual Fund
7USAA Precious Metals and MineralsUSAGX1.19%None3000Gold Mutual Fund
8Tocqueville GoldTGDLX1.43%None1000Gold Mutual Fund
9Rydex Precious Metals InvRYPMX1.27%None2500Gold Mutual Fund
10ProFunds Short Precious Metals InvSPPIX1.55%None15000Gold Mutual Fund
11ProFunds Precious Metals UltraSector InvPMPIX1.46%None15000Gold Mutual Fund
12Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals AOPSGX1.05%5.75%1000Gold Mutual Fund
13OCM GoldOCMGX1.93%4.5%1000Gold Mutual Fund
14MidasMIDSX1.87%None1000Gold Mutual Fund
15Jennison Natural Resources APGNAX1.14%5.5%2500Gold Mutual Fund
16ING Global Natural Resources ALEXMX1.45%5.75%1000Gold Mutual Fund
17GAMCO Gold AAAGOLDX1.46%None1000Gold Mutual Fund
18Franklin Gold and Precious Metals AFKRX0.89%5.75%1000Gold Mutual Fund
19First Eagle Gold ASGGDX1.21%5%2500Gold Mutual Fund
20Fidelity Select GoldFSAGX0.81%None2500Gold Mutual Fund
21Evergreen Precious Metals AEKWAX1.05%5.75%1000Gold Mutual Fund
22DWS Gold & Precious Metals SSCGDX1.2%None2500Gold Mutual Fund
23RiverSource Precious Metals & Mining AINPMX1.34%5.75%2000Gold Mutual Fund
24American Century Global Gold InvBGEIX0.68%None2500Gold Mutual Fund

12 thoughts on “Gold Mutual Funds – Expense Ratios and Minimum Investments”

  1. I am interested to invest my money in the gold, but when i came to know that the to invest in the gold the procedure is like this
    1)Invest in the gold funds
    2)Invest in the gold ETF
    3)Invest in the gold PMF
    i was little bit confused whether which fund is better one to invest my money suggest the best one and give the reason for suggesting the particular fund.

    1. In mutual funds, in general there is a minimum limit of say $1000 to get into a mutual fund, but you can buy ETFs with very little money.

      Other than that some gold mutual funds hold mining stocks, some ETFs hold future contracts and some hold physical gold. So, you need to know what type of fund you are interested in.

      Third aspect is cost, a lower expense ratio is better, so compare the costs between the same type of fund you are interested in.

      Here are some links for further reading:

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