A look at where USA and India get their oil from?

I was looking at data about India’s import partners – the countries from which India imports from, and thought it would be interesting to see how this compares with America’s import partners.

I came up with this visualization comparing India and America’s import data in 2009.

The similarity of course is how big China’s share is, but everyone knows that. The next thing that struck me was the size of the Canadian and Mexican circles, and it clearly shows how much they benefit from being America’s neighbors. After looking at this for some time – I noticed how the Middle East was littered with huge bubbles in India’s map, but they were missing in America’s maps. Looking at this in a little more detail shows that America imports quite a lot of oil from its neighbors while India relies on the Middle East quite heavily. Part of this is politics, and part of it is geographical proximity. It is quite interesting to see this next viz which shows the countries from where India and America import their oil.

As you can see – the Canadian, Mexican, Venezualan and Saudi Arabia circles are quite big for USA, but there are a number of other medium sized circles as well.

For India, most of the concentration is in the Middle East, which is probably because the other oil producers are not geographically close to India.

You can’t compare the absolute numbers on the two countries in this viz because India’s data is in USD Million while America’s data is annual thousands barrels, so its really two different measures, and only the relative size of the circles can be used for comparison. Sorry about that, still learning to compare this type of data from different countries.

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