Interesting Reads this Week – 29th Nov

Here are some interesting articles that I came across during the week.

1. Grocery Shopping in New Delhi: This is a hilarious account of grocery shopping in New Delhi; narrated by an American lady, which, appeared in the Get Rich Slowly blog.

2. Credit Default Swaps, Herald of Doom (for beginners): An interesting and fairly simple explanation of Credit Default Swaps by The Baseline Scenario.

3. When Black Friday Deals Are Not Worth the Risk: The Digerati Life talks about Black Friday Deals and how some of them, are just not worth the risk.

4. Quarterly GDP Down 0.5% in Third Quarter: Sun talks about the latest GDP numbers that were released this week.

5. Staff emerge as heroes in Mumbai hotel siege: I am sure all of you would have heard about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. This is a story reported by Reuters which talks about the courage of ordinary men and women who risked their own lives to save the life of others.

2 thoughts on “Interesting Reads this Week – 29th Nov”

  1. I am from Delhi myself and yeah I have experienced all of that myself. Except for the butter. I am not sure about the butter.

    And I do think the can opener will work. In the picture it doesn’t look like anything is wrong with it. Maybe it has to be oiled or something.

    Its a hilarious account and very well written.

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