Interesting Reads – 14th Feb

Happy Valentine’s day everyone! Have a great time.

Some interesting stuff I read over the week:

1. 30 Components of the Dow Jones Industrial Index by Investing School: The Investing-School explains the nuances of Dow Jones.

2. Discounted Cash Flow and Stock Valuations by Old Value School: This is a formula that is designed to help someone calculate the value of a business based on the cash flows that it is expected to receive in the future.

3. Job Hunting Tips by The Smarter Wallet: This is practical and useful advice for tough times.

4. Taking Income Tax Deductions? By The Digerati Life: I was quite surprised (and then surprised at my surprise) to learn that the iPod can be used to help with taxes too.

5. Winning the Lottery – A Two Way Road by Striking Up: I hope you win a lottery and hope you heed this advice after that.

6. Savings Series: Save Money with Brown Bag Lunches by Richer and Slimmer: I always like advice that is easy to follow and rewards instantly.

7. How Will The Government Pay For the Bailouts by Own The Dollar: A question that a lot of us are looking answer for.

8. Stop Thinking about True Value and Just Buy What You Need by MoneyNing: Although this may be counter-intuitive to a lot of people, I find that this is a good way of thinking about things.

9. Reduce Spending Without Sacrificing Lifestyle by My Wealth Builder: I was thinking about frugality in the same way a few months ago.

10. The Dividend Guy Investment Process by The Dividend Guy: The Dividend Guy talks about the things that he won’t do while investing.

Finance and Investment Carnivals:

1. Money Hacks Carnival #51

2. Millionaire Mind and Making Money Online

3. Festival of Stocks

4. Festival of Frugality

5. Moneyhacks Carnival – Frugalista Style

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