Silver ETF List

Silver Bull by Tim Ellis

After gold etfs and oil etfs, the next in line are silver etfs. Here is a list of silver ETFs that you can invest in.

Silver ETFs that Hold Physical Silver

  1. iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV): iShares Silver ETF holds physical silver and the price of the ETF reflects its silver holdings at any given time. Click here to read more about iShares SLV.

Silver ETFs that own Futures Contracts

  1. Powershares DB Silver Fund (DBS): This ETF tracks the price of silver by investing in rule based index made up of future contracts on silver.
  2. E-TRACS CMCI Silver Total Return (USV): This is an ETN and tracks the UBS Bloomberg CMCI Silver Total Return index. The E-TRACS (USV) ETN will track the price of silver. To read more about ETNs, click here.

Double Silver ETFs

  1. Proshares Ultra Silver ETF (AGQ): Proshares Utra Silver seeks daily returns, which are 200% of the daily price of silver. Daily returns mean increased volatility and it means that over the long run, the fund has a good chance of not moving twice as much as the price of silver.

Short Silver ETFs

  1. Proshares Ultra Short Silver ETF (ZSL): Proshares Ultra short silver seeks daily returns, which are 200% of the opposite of the daily returns of silver price. This means that the fund goes up, when silver goes down and vice – versa. This fund also seeks daily returns which make it more volatile and over the long run, it may not move in tandem with the reverse of silver prices.

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  1. Is that Silver ETF based on India? Sometime back, there was an information that Silver based EFT is unavailable

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