Our 5 Lucky Winners

It is time to announce the lucky winners of first ever giveaway here on OneMint!

When I started the give-away I thought I’d give – away 3 books, but due to the awesome response of OneMint readers I’ve increased the limit to 5!

Another reason is that some of you only left comments on Facebook, and not on the post itself, but since you did follow the spirit of the give-away I wanted to include your names as well. However, doing so would reduce the chances of people who followed the rules, so to make it fair I increased the number of books.

Here are the names of the 5 winners:

  • J Jaikumar
  • Sham
  • R K Tripathi
  • MS
  • Manickkam

I will be sending them emails individually as well, so please respond to my emails with your address, and I will arrange for shipping of the books.

To select the winner I used the Random Number generator, and asked it to pop up five random numbers which corresponded to the entries.

I am grateful to all of you for participating, and I’m in discussion with a few other people to get them to sponsor more such contests, so you can expect more give aways in the future as well.

Thanks everyone, congratulations to the winners, and there will surely be a next time for the rest of you!

18 thoughts on “Our 5 Lucky Winners”

    1. I got your email Sham – tried to place an order but the payment screen won’t let me go forward. Will try it in a few hours, and send you an email.

    1. I didn’t get the email at all. I just sent you another note from a different address. Can you please see if you got it

    1. I got your email but your phone number is not there, which is needed for the courier service to deliver the book. Can you please send your phone number as well.

        1. I didn’t find it anywhere….I sent you an email from another address just a minute ago – do let me know if you get that and either respond to that or use the contact form.

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