Which country has the highest per capita GDP?

by Manshu on August 18, 2010

in Economy

The Economist published a cheekily titled article – “Hello America” a few days ago. It showed a graph of the history of world GDP, and showed the share of different countries over a very long timeline.

I was a little surprised to see that China and India had so much of the global share for such a long time, but didn’t give it much thought because these are absolute numbers, and I felt what would have really been interesting would be a comparison of per capita GDP.

I had quite forgotten about it, but today I saw Econompic Data publish such a chart.


Look at those US, UK and Japan lines go – amazing right? Funny thing is that US is not even in the top 5 countries when it comes to per capita GDP.

Here is another chart I made from 2009 World Bank data (Wikipedia) that shows the per capita GDP of some of the top regions.


I was expecting to see Finland there somewhere, only because they made broadband a legal right some days ago!, but they are at 21 in this list.

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