Wesabe failure, Bad Money Advice and Dying to invest

by Manshu on October 1, 2010

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The best thing I read this week was Wesabe’s co-founder’s post explaining why he felt Wesabe lost out to Mint. Most of you probably know about Mint because they have entered the Indian market as well, and Wesabe was a similar website which was launched ahead of Mint but couldn’t compete with them and shut shop earlier this year.

This post is really great because it is so brutally honest, and I can only imagine how painful it must be for an entrepreneur to not only close down their business, but then dissect it with the honesty that is showed here. It touches upon some important aspects of managing personal finances, and is a must read.

Bad Money Advice does these great posts at the end of every month where he highlights some trends from the PF blogosphere, and as usual it is witty and makes for a great read.

The Psy – Fi blog is becoming one of my favorite blogs because of the wit and the clarity of thought displayed there, and I present to you another great post titled dying to invest.

Among other interesting reads this week:

How to overcome communication fears @ HBR

Don’t trade a boss for something worse @ Financial Samurai

Best home based business ideas @ The Digerati Life

Commission oriented advice @ Capital Mind

Amazon debuts Kindle for web @ TechCrunch

How to make your Windows startup faster @ Digital Inspiration

Enjoy your weekend!

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