Enter the giveaway, double your chances, and verify your entry

I wish I could write catchy headlines, but I can’t, and this is all I’d like you to do.

  • Enter the contest if you haven’t already
  • Double your chances, if you haven’t already
  • Please verify that I have your entry marked correctly

Read on to see how.

Enter the give – away to win a free financial plan from Hemant Beniwal

If you were unaware of the give-away that has been going on in here, then head over to this post about it and enter it now.

This is a financial plan, and it doesn’t mean that you need to earn a lot of money to get financial planning done. Everyone needs a plan – if you make money and spend money, then you need a plan, and do already have some sort of a plan on which you act.

This is your chance to get a professional to look at your plan for free, and since there is no obligation, you can try out your luck.

Read this post to figure out how you can enter the giveaway.

Double your chances

I see that only a handful of you have used both methods for an entry. I have highlighted the names of the people who have double entries, but for those who don’t – I recommend increasing your odds, and clearly specifying that you have done both so I can put two entries on your name.

Verify your entry

I have collected all the entries so far, and created this list out of it. The names in bold are people who have done both.

If you entered the contest – please verify that your name is in the list, and is correctly placed for one or two entries. If you see a mistake, leave a comment and I’ll correct it immediately.

S.No. Name
1 Swaroop Rao
2 Aditya Modi
3 Deepak
4 Deepak
5 Thirumalaisamy Rajasekaran
6 Gaurav Malik
7 Chirag
8 Aniruddha Pathak
9 Khalid
10 Murali
11 Sandesh Goel
12 Sandesh Goel
13 Radha Krishan Tripathy
14 Swati
15 Sandip Mahajan
16 Sandip Mahajan
17 Kunal
18 Aery
19 Aery
20 Pallavi
21 Pallavi
22 Prakash T
23 Ashok
24 Nisha Malhotra
25 Akhil Agarwal
26 Vitus Fernandes
27 Bunny Singh
28 Vamsi Goli
29 Deepak Sanghi
30 Monty Shah
31 Arvind Bhave
32 Arvind Bhave
33 Ashish Gupta
34 Harsha Chandrashekar
35 Sanjib Paul

Good luck to all of you!

19 thoughts on “Enter the giveaway, double your chances, and verify your entry”

  1. Hey.. Already had subscribed to both the newsletters. Liked the facebook pages now. Hopeful to get d financial plan. 🙂 Btw.. hats off to you guys for doing such a wonderful work. It is because of you that novices like us have found the courage to venture into investments like mutual funds. Thanks once again. 🙂

      1. oops.. jus getting a better look at d dates nw.. didnt notice d last part(yr)!!! thought it was ’12.. was wandering thru d earlier posts n i guess thts hw i stumbled upon dis.. sorry 4 d post.. 😛 . will look at d posts more carefully frm nw on.. lesson learnt 🙂

        1. Hey, thanks for entering me to the e-letter. I still cant open the confirmation link, but I’ve gotten an email from Beniwal saying I’m now subscribed to the newsletter.
          So that makes 2/2. Please include my name when you compile your list again.

  2. I’ve subscribed for the The Financial literates and i’m already a member of OneMint daily newsletter. I’m getting very useful info through your mails. Thanks

  3. Hi,

    I’ve already subscribed to Onemint & after seeing the competition I’ve subscribed to The Financial Literates Newsletter also.

    And I’ve entered a comment in the post to.

    I did both the things. But my name is entered only once. Please verify.


    1. Murali,

      The second thing is to Like the OneMint and TFL page on Facebook. So subscribing to email newsletter from both sites is one entry, and liking both sides on FB is another entry.

  4. Already subscribed to the Daily Newsletter of OneMint, so now I have created a subscription for Financial Literates also. Let ‘s see if I am lucky.

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