Sachin Tendulkar’s Centuries in ODIs against various countries

Click here to view a report on Sachin century vs India Win.

I hope you’re enjoying today’s game like me, and here’s some light Sunday fun for you.

When I heard that Sachin has just scored one century against England prior to this – it made me look for a break up of how he has fared against other countries.

He’s treated them all well, but Australia is clearly his favorite. Here’s a little pie chart of Sachin Tendulkar’s centuries against various countries.

47 in total with the list created on 27th Feb 2011; all numbers from Wiki.

The name that you can’t read is Namibia here – sorry for that!

Sachins Centuries in ODIs
Sachins Centuries in ODIs

4 thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar’s Centuries in ODIs against various countries”

  1. @Azam Check his centuries.Most of the centuries came against tougher teams.He has good batting records.He was the only man who was scoring runs in and outside India for the most of the time(check his record 1996-2003)

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