Weekend Links May 6 2011

It’s been quite an eventful week, and I don’t need to tell you what the biggest news this week was!

I’ve read several articles of the attack this week, and I’m highlighting a few that were really good, and some that even gave me goosebumps.

Behind the hunt for Bin Laden: This is a 4 page article by the NYT about how the hunt evolved and is by far the most fascinating account that I’ve read on this topic.

The stealth helicopter that no one knew about: This NYT story is about the stealth helicopter that was used in the mission. They say that if the chopper hadn’t crashed, people wouldn’t even have realized that such a thing exists.

Seal Team 6: This is a very interesting account of the Navy Seal 6 unit – which the article says is among the elite of the elite.

A Bin Laden Hunter on 4 Legs: This story draws a sketch of the attack dog that was part of the team.

Finally, for the skeptics – Al Qaeda has confirmed the death of Osama in their letter.

I think the other big news this week (though not nearly as big) has been the plunge that commodities took, especially silver.

Silver is down 27% this week in COMEX, and should serve as a good reminder to people who think precious metals can only go up, and there’s no way gold or silver can ever fall.

Here is a good Bloomberg story on how commodities behaved this week.

Enjoy your weekend!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Links May 6 2011”

  1. HI Manshu,
    you should revise your position on gold/silver, i and many others also are of the belief that commoditiy will not appreciate for ever but i has been doing so for last ten years, we are still far off from the inflation adjusted high of 1980s, the dollar is going to weaken further . India or for that matter any country in the world do not drive the gold silver prices, we are just spectators, its a game played in US, because commodity like every other currency is pegged against the USD which is the world default reserve currency, Oil has impact on the dollar and so is the dwindling economy of the US, in the coming months FED will be coming out with QE 3, in my opinion there will a parabolic rise in commodities which will culminate in 2012 or early 2013.

    Silver corrected because the paper market was getting heated up due to margins, comex just revised the margin rates and speculators stepped aside hence the correction, the fundamentals are still intact.


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