Shriram Transport Finance NCD Bonds Have Been Allotted

Mithlesh, Jay and Ravikumar left comments yesterday informing everyone that the Shriram Transport Finance NCDs have been allotted and can be seen in their demat account now.

I know that people who apply for bonds are often looking for this kind of information, so I thought of doing a post about it.

The good news is that bonds have been allotted and people are seeing them in their demat account, but the the bad news is that the ratio of allotment has been quite low for retail investors.

The ever reliable Shiv left a comment with the link to where you can check the allotment detail, and the ratio in which the allotment has been done.

Check Shriram Transport NCD Allotment here.

Here is the allotment ratio.


Shriram Transport NCD Allotted
Shriram Transport NCD Allotted

I think people who applied for these bonds to hold them for the long run will be fairly disappointed with these low numbers, and especially so because there were news reports of gray market activity on the bonds due to which brokers and speculators applied through the retail segment, and crowded out the genuine retail investors.

It will be interesting to see how much premium do these list at, and if they list at a substantial premium then it will be proof that the gray market game is working in the favor of the brokers. I hope that doesn’t happen because it will only encourage more gray market activity in future NCD issues, crowd out the retail investors, and as in the case of IPOs, we’ve seen that these things don’t end well and it’s the small guy that loses out in the end.

P.S. This is not the website of Shriram Transport Finance – this is like a news website, and I can’t send your bonds to you.

P.P.S. Here is a link to Shiv’s profile and contact numbers if you’re interested in these kind of bonds in the future, and are in the NCR region.

15 thoughts on “Shriram Transport Finance NCD Bonds Have Been Allotted”

  1. R/sir I want to to status of my IdfcBond regs.folio no,IDA0511687 ,No of bonds 4 dist,no 0000934833 to 0000934836

  2. You are right, brokers are crowding the retail pie leaving the genuine ones in the lurch. I had just applied for 15 bonds, thinking I will get minimal allotment, but alas nothing was allotted!!

  3. P.S. This is not the website of Shriram Transport Finance – this is like a news website, and I can’t send your bonds to you.

    I wonder what this is for!! do people ask you to send the bonds to them ? lol!!

    1. Oh yeah – if I show you the email I get you will probably die of laughter 🙂 I get emails about lost bonds, and fixed deposits, and then there are several who want me to send their mutual fund statements 🙂

      I think a couple of weeks ago someone had lost their debit card, and they emailed me 🙂

      I used to reply to a lot of these people, but have stopped now because some of them don’t get it at all, and start arguing, and once or twice even sent abusive emails!!!

      Just waiting for the day someone wants me to find their lost dog 🙂

      1. He he he !! ROFL!!! this is all really funny .

        Post a nice topic on this one when someday someone asks you find your lost dog :)-

  4. I have got 14 debentures allotted and got Rs.61.81 Application Interest. As there was no ASBA option for bonds like in IPO Rs.50000 was debited from my account. Can anyone know when will I receive refund amount. Will refund amount be get thru ECS or cheque?

    1. I’m afraid I don’t know that Dinesh, but normally readers here do leave comments when they receive refunds etc. and once I hear from someone I’ll update this post and add a comment here as well.

    2. I had received the refund amount very next working day from the allotment Day. It will be credited to you saving account which is linked to your demat account through RTGS / NEFT. Please check it.

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