Puzzles for the week ending 16th July 2011

The small percentage of you who have Liked the Facebook OneMint page would have noticed something new this week. I created some small puzzles, and shared them there.

These are small word games that I enjoy, and I wanted to see if OneMint readers will be interested in this kind of thing or not.

They are just a few words, so don’t deserve a full post of their own, but I thought I could consolidate everything shared in the week, and publish it today.

This is just for fun, there are no rewards for guessing the right answers, just the simple pleasure of getting it right.

Here are the four puzzles.

1. What is this quote, and which famous historical person has supposed to have said this? You don’t normally associate him stock markets.

Vowels have been removed.

_ c_n c_lc_l_t_ th_ m_t__ns _f th_ h__v_nly b_d__s, b_t n_t th_ m_dn_ss _f p__pl_

2. The name of a country which was in news today is hidden in this sentence. Can you find it?

“The rebels were constantly at war, but the ceasefire landed them a deal which they could have never otherwise hoped for.”

3. Puzzle:

My 1st in Red but not in Fed
My 2nd in Eager and also in Meager
My 3rd in Ship and also in Street
My 4th in Heaven and also in House
My 5th in Figure but not in Fright
My 6th in Figure and also in Fright
My 7th in Waffle but not in Warren
My 8th in Oil but not in Food
My 9th in Tennis but not in Football

My whole is what a PM must do.

4. Puzzle: Can money buy wisdom?

Can you go from “RICH” to “WISE” in 3 steps changing one letter at a time, and making a valid word every time.

Example: CAT to DOG – 1. COT 2. COG 3.DOG

Leave your answer in the comments, and if you want to submit one of your own – that’s great too!

12 thoughts on “Puzzles for the week ending 16th July 2011”

  1. 1. ‘I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people’.
    Albert Einstein
    2.( i’ve already done this ) Ireland
    3. i’ve seen the answer you posted about this one
    4. Rice … Rise…Wise

    I’m not sure if the hisorical person is Einstein or Newton; so i got 2 1/2 out of 4; 🙂

  2. 1. I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people – Isaac Newton
    2. IRELAND
    4. Same as “Indian Thoughts”

    1. It’s not Libya I’m afraid. The right one is Ireland as pointed out by others. It is hidden in the last letters of the word “ceasefire” and the first letters of “landed”

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