Chins, Balance Sheets and a Tweeting Cabbie

Let me begin by answering the question that’s been on your mind the whole week – why do humans have chins? To mate, to chew and a few other theories on why humans have chins.

Next to something that really surprised me – Caterpillar is telling its workers in Canada that they will close down a factory and move to a lower cost location – and what’s that lower cost location? Why USA of course!

It seems that although the wage difference between the two countries is not much, due to higher productivity, pricier dollar, and cheaper fuel – US is a cheaper destination than Canada, and the article lists down many other companies that decided to move out of Canada.

Factories are not the only thing that get affected by exchange rates – this Financial Express article talks about NRIs getting increasingly interested in buying real estate in India due to the depreciating rupee.

Beyond BRICs writes about the capital requirement woes of SBI and how a cash strapped government isn’t able to capitalize SBI beyond the needs of a few quarters.

An incredible story of a Chicago taxi driver who uses Twitter to grow his business.

Flexo of Consumerism Commentary shares his personal balance sheet which gives a view of how he has fared in the last ten years, and what he has achieved in the last ten years is truly amazing.

Finally, some stunning pictures from Iran.

Enjoy your weekend!

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