Khan Academy, Sir Alex Ferguson and a Starless Planet

by Manshu on November 17, 2012

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The most fascinating thing I read this week was this Forbes piece on the Khan Academy, I have seen many of his videos myself and I’m just blown away by how effective his tutorials are and how he simplifies difficult concepts and makes them easy to digest. This is a great article and if you have time for only one article then this should be the one you read.

Next, an interesting piece about how our brain can do maths unconsciously, more than the idea itself I’m always fascinated by the way they carry out such experiments.

Ajay Shah writes about the IRR of UID scheme. 

A very interesting HBS case study on Sir Alex Ferguson.

ET on the 2G auction failure.

An interesting piece about a starless planet that floats alone in space.

Finally, have you done the puzzle where you have to get the goat and the wolf across the river in your boat?

Enjoy your weekend!

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