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I have recently got the opportunity to write occasional articles in the Economic Times and Moneycontrol, and I wanted to use this post to highlight some of the articles I have written there as well as create a place where I can link to all posts that I write outside of OneMint – be it a media publication or another blog.

Here are my articles in the media and other blogs.

Economic Times

Six tax goof-ups that planning can help avoid: This is an article that highlights 6 points you should keep in mind while planning investments for your 80C or other deductions. It addresses things like expenses you may have already incurred that are eligible for tax deduction, and lock – in periods that should be a factor while considering any investing decision.


Which is a better investment? Tax-Free Bonds or FDs: Investors are often seen confused when it comes to choosing between Tax free Bonds and Fixed Deposits. Choosing one between the two largely depends on investor’s goal as pros and cons exist in both the products. Read this space to know what factors differentiate these two fixed income instruments to take better investment decision.

When should you invest in mutual fund NFOs?:  NFO is often confused with IPO of a share where investors invest presuming they are buying cheap. The fund houses also do a great marketing job to sell their NFOs. Hence before investing, it is important to check if the NFO offered is offering some thing new or if something similar already exists with the Fund house.

DTC effects on ELSS Funds: Once the DTC kicks in ELSS will lose its tax benefit. This has raised concerns among investors who are already invested or wish to invest in ELSS. While some of the concerns are genuine, others show that the product is simply misunderstood.

On other blogs. 

TFL Guide

RGESS and the tail wagging the dog: Some thoughts on this new scheme, and how it shows a common problem with the way we think about our investments.


This is not a complete list and I have written so much on other blogs over the years that it will take some time to get the complete list, and I will update this post as soon as I write a new post any place.

17 thoughts on “In the media”

  1. Manshu – great to see this. One small comment on your “Which is a better investment? Tax-Free Bonds or FDs” article : If you invest a sizeable amount earning interest of more than 10,000INR per year in an FD, you will be getting a regular TDS off from your annual amount. In practice this will defeat the compounding that one generally assumes and expects.

      1. The rate of TDS is 10% (or maybe 10.1%, not sure) of the interest earned. I think the figures for FD calculations do need to be revisited to account for the following:
        – TDS at 10%
        – Actual tax paid at your IT slab rate – which maybe 10, 20 or 30%. One does need to pay annual tax on interest amount – so if you have a 10 year maturity FD, ideally you need to pay income tax on interest for interest accrued every year even if you do not realize the gains in your hand. This is a contentious item – see

        Net net is that if you account for TDS and also your tax slabs rate for tax every year rather than at the fag end/maturity, you will realize that tax free bonds are a batter bet in practice.

        1. Nitin, tds rules are often misunderstood. Tds is only a presumptive deduction. You still have to pay the applicable tax on FD income EVERY YEAR.

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