Weekend links: Jan 26 2014

by Manshu on January 26, 2014

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Let’s start with a Business Line blogpost about Arvind Kejriwal that features AAP in a slightly positive light before moving on to a Hindu article that features at least one aspect of AAP in a terrible light

I’m featuring both of these here because I agree with both of them, and also because they belong to the same publication, so that takes away some of the cynicism that we face while discussing such topics.

This is perhaps the most fascinating thing I’ve watched this week – fresh water fish hunting birds!

I really loved Amit Agarwal’s interview at Lifehacker. 

I never thought it could be someone’s job to legally sell their last name, but everyone’s got to make a living, right?

Dubai is using drones for firefighting, really amazing, right?

Finally, the ever brilliant xkcd offers the best definition of automation I’ve yet read.

Enjoy your weekend!


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