Weekend Links – May 29 2015

One of the more interesting news stories of the week was the FIFA arrests, and this NYT article gives a good account on how the Swiss authorities went about doing this.

The American indictment of FIFA officials doesn’t look into the alleged corruption in awarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, which has caught a lot of attention recently due to the numerous workers who have died there recently. This Guardian article talks about a new atrocity where Nepalese workers weren’t allowed to go back home to attend funerals of their family members. 

This Economist articles compares how nationals of different countries have done in the US, and it is amazing to see how far ahead Indians are compared with anyone else.  

Harvard Business Review with a good article on how silence should be used as a weapon for persuasion. 

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, and people who have read the book or seen the TV series would know that only very few things can ever top the Red Wedding. George RR Martin on where his inspiration for the Red Wedding came from. 

A barber in a village close to the Pakistan border got suspicious when he saw a pigeon land on his hut because it had markings and seal in Urdu. He took the bird to the police, and the police took it to the vet, but all is well, the pigeon is not a spy, but the police still has the bird in custody.

Fascinating question, and unbelievable answer: Will any species go extinct if humans were to go extinct?

Enjoy your weekend!

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