CEO who interviewed Prime Meridian had excel errors in underwear

Let’s start this week with a very interesting interview with the CEO of Guidewire – Marcus Ryu. I feel that a lot of CEO interviews are really lofty and talk about things that sound far away from reality, but this wasn’t anything like it. He spoke about practical things which made sense and were down to earth executable ideas.

Gold has fallen a fair bit this week, and billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson had a loss of $1.5 billion on his gold related holdings.

China had a relatively slow quarter, but the Economist doesn’t think that these numbers are all bad.

MarketWatch tells us that men’s underwear sales are up, and that’s good for the economy.

Not only do techies make millions in Silicon Valley, it seems that some sex workers can earn seven figures as well.

Reinhart and Rogoff of the “This Time is Different” fame made a rather embarrassing Excel calculation error, and HBR does a great job of detailing it out and what it means for Macro Economics predictions in general. 

Finally, did you know that the Prime Meridian that separates East from West on earth is arbitrary?

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