Why the iPhone Kindle app does not cannibalize Kindle

I thought the next gadget I’d get after buying an iPhone was the Kindle. Then I discovered the Kindle app on iPhone and gave it a try. I’ve read three books on the iPhone so far, and am quite satisfied with its performance. If you have to read for hours together, then it’s not a very good option, but I haven’t been doing that kind of reading lately, so it’s not a problem for me.

In fact, I have decided that I won’t be buying the Kindle now. The iPhone serves as a satisfactory book reader and since I have access to all books that are on Kindle – I don’t think I will gain anything from getting the Kindle.

I guess there must be a few others who decided that they don’t need Kindle if they have an iPhone. So, I was wondering whether the app cannibalized Kindle sales or not.

I know my reasons for not buying a Kindle, and was interested to know Amazon’s reasons for not worrying about the app cannibalizing Kindle sales.

Here is what I found:

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