India Per Capita Income 2010 by State

I came across India’s per capita income figures the other day, and it makes a very interesting read. The per capita income for India for 2010 is Rs. 54,835 which grew from Rs. 46,492 the year before.

The first thing that strikes you about this number is how low this number is – by aggregate GDP India stands number 9 or 10 in the world, but if you take the per capita GDP then India is a lowly 138 by IMF estimates, and 109 by World Bank estimates. CIA estimates rate it at an even lower 142.

In fact, if you look at the state with the lowest GDP – Bihar at Rs. 20,069 or about $456 – and compare that with other countries then it would come as low as 170 or so.

Bihar is also only about a seventh of Delhi’s GDP, and that reflects the disparity between the various states.

Here is the chart which breaks down the per capita income by state for 2009 and 2010. Wherever values are zero, it means that there was no data for that state in that period, and I had to make it zero in order to create the chart. (click to enlarge)

India Per Capita Income by State 2010
India Per Capita Income by State 2010

In this chart – Goa is doing well, and I think this is closer to reality than the high unemployment shown in the unemployment survey.

Apart from the low number, and disparity, the third thing that strikes me is the role of cities in the high GDP. The tallest towers belong to cities, and to me, industrialization, building cities, and moving the workforce out of agriculture into more industries, and services seems to be the only way to grow the GDP numbers, and generally improving the standard of living in the country.

A look at the countries with the highest per capita GDP confirms this because there aren’t any countries there that aren’t industrialized.

I’m interested to see what the break up of the GDP for each of these states looks like also. At present, I don’t know if that data is available somewhere but I’ll look for it. If you know about such a document then please do leave a link.

Finally, here is the data for the above chart in a format that you should be able to copy in Excel easily.

S.No. State 2009 – 10 2010 – 11
1 Andhra Pradesh 51025 60458
2 Arunachal Pradesh 51405 0
3 Assam 27197 30413
4 Bihar 16715 20069
5 Jharkhand 27132 29786
6 Goa 132719 0
7 Gujarat 63961 0
8 Haryana 78781 92327
9 Himachal Pradesh 50365 58493
10 Jammu & Kashmir 30582 33056
11 Karnataka 52097 59763
12 Kerala 59179 0
13 Madhya Pradesh 27250 0
14 Chattisgarh 38059 44097
15 Maharashtra 74027 83471
16 Manipur 27332 29684
17 Meghalaya 43555 48383
18 Mizoram 45982 0
19 Nagaland 0 0
20 Odisha 33226 36923
21 Punjab 60746 67473
22 Rajasthan 34042 39967
23 Sikkim 68731 81159
24 Tamil Nadu 63547 72993
25 Tripura 35799 38493
26 Uttar Pradesh 23395 26051
27 Uttarakhand 59584 68292
28 West Bengal 41219 0
29 A & N islands 74340 0
30 Chandigarh 118136 128634
31 Delhi 116886 135814
32 Puducherry 88158 98719

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  1. I blog often and I truly appreciate your information. This article has really peaked my interest.
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    1. Hi Ravi – This is excellent – I am so glad you shared this here – I had no idea that such a tool existed and now that you have told me about it I will definitely use them. Will also share this on the OneMint Facebook wall.

      Thanks a ton!

  2. Nice article. Is there anything to be inferred by comparing the per capita GDP and the per capita income of states? GDP is roughly how much the states produce and income is what money they earn. So, does the difference tell us the overall surplus/deficit of income to the government? Sorry, if it sounds silly..

    1. I read a headline today which said the UP government bans Aarakshan and I thought to myself, yeah that’s your most pressing problem right now. Which movies to ban – good job.

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